Ulusal Savunma's 360-Degree Anti-Drone System UAV CAGE, with its 60 watt output power, provides effective protection up to a radius of 3,000 meters, depending on surrounding obstacles. This product is especially preferred for the protection of static assets, such as military bases, airports, LPG and fuel-filling facilities, factories and stadiums. The system, powered by 220–240V mains voltage, operates 24/7 without interruption.

Power Source
220–240V mains voltage
Operational Time
Output Power
60 Watt
Internal Panel (Directed) Antenna
18 Units
External Omni (Omni-Directional) Antenna
5 Units
GPS / GLONASS / 433 Mhz – 915 Mhz – 1.2 Ghz – 1.5 Ghz - 2.4 Ghz - 5.8 Ghz
500–3.000 m
Operating Temperature
-20°C - +60°C
System Dimension
750 x 650 mm
Omni-Directional Antennas Dimension
800 mm
Mounting Legs Dimension
450 mm
22 kg
Warranty Period
2 Years + 10 Years for Spare Parts Availability
Stock Number in TAF Inventory

Designed with a user-oriented approach, the system stands out with its simple installation and quick use. Delivered to the end user with all the components needed for installation, UAV CAGE can be installed using simple hand tools, for which no expertise is required. Similarly, after the installation has been completed, users can test the system, and check whether suppression is achieved in the required frequency ranges. Testing can be carried out using standard mobile phones, hand-held radios or commercial navigation devices.


It takes less than 20 minutes for the system to be installed, tested and made ready for operation by a single person.

UAV CAGE has entered the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), and is in active use in the field.